Design Service Information

Clients Clients fall into one of the following categories:

Commercial :

  • Those opening brand new premises, in need of a complete turnkey (start to finish) project.
  • Those wishing to upgrade their existing premises
  • Those requiring new fixtures/fittings/display furniture, etc.

Private :

  • Those who wish to create a new interior concept for a new or existing house.
  • Those who wish to have a new house designed.

Design Procedure

Once you have identified your need from the above list, the next step is to form in your mind an idea as to what you want your new premises to be along the lines of (ie, traditional, contemporary, complete one-off, etc.) and the more information you can provide at the start of a project, the more smoothly a project will run, saving time and money.

The information you gather and supply to the designer is commonly known as a design brief.

Design Brief

The design brief includes information such as

  • Style of interior required
  • Type of clientele/customer to be catered for
  • Type and range of Product
  • Preferable colour schemes
  • Security considerations
  • Local planning considerations
  • Approximate budget available

Once the design brief as been taken from the client, the rest of the design procedure is continued in the following order:

Sketch Work

The sketch work allows the Client to establish and agree upon basic likes/dislikes/finishes/appearance of the interior/cabinets, etc.

Perspective Drawings

Perspective line drawings or perspective coloured visuals are carried out once a general design and finish has been agreed upon in order to give the client a better idea of the finished look.

Perspective line & Color Drawing

Full Working Drawings

Full working drawings/elevations are carried out once designs have been agreed upon in order to give an accurate picture of the completed project, to help establish the price of the work to be carried out and usually to act as workshop drawings from which items can be manufactured.

Plan View Elevation

Project Management

Project management involves the complete management of the project, from initiation to completion (available on certain projects only).

Design/Consultation Fees

  • Dependant upon your location, expenses may be applicable for an initial consultation. Please enquire.
  • Design fees for Interior projects, including sketch to full working drawing stages varies according to scale of project. Please enquire for details.
  • Design/drawing work for cabinets and displays etc usually carries a nominal fee. Again, please enquire for details.